Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 62.7 kms

Athirapally waterfall plummet down from a colossal 80 feet making it longest waterfall in Kerala. It flows through lush forest and scenic landscapes to Chalakudy river, eventually ending at the Arabian Sea. Natural residents of Athirapally include four endangered species of Hornbills, the rare Cochin Forest cane turtle, the Lion-Tailed Macaque, and the Nilgiri Langur.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 31.4 kms

Marine Drive is a picturesque walkway facing the backwaters. It is an ideal place to take your morning walk or catch a mesmerizing sunset in the evening. Stop by the benches placed on the side of the interlocked walkway to soak in the serenity. Contributing to the beauty of Marine drive is the meticulously built Rainbow bridge as well as The China net bridge and The Houseboat bridge. You will also find shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes in the area.



Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 30 kms

Cherai beach in Kochi receives dozens of tourists daily. Lying near to Vypin Island, Cherai Beach is a paradise that is an ideal spot for a relaxing swim. The scenery of coconut groves nearby doubles the charm of the beach.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 31.4 kms

Nothing can beat the cruise through the gorgeous backwaters of Kochi. Renowned for the calmness and beauty, Kochi backwaters have a firm place in the list of best tourist spots. Clusters of migratory birds and Chinese fishnets spice up the enthralling landscapes to ensure the cruise experience to be unforgettable.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 20.3

The Museum of Kerala History, otherwise known as the Madhavan Nayar Foundation Museum, tells he tale of Kerala through dioramas exhibited throughout the Museum. This Museum has a Gallery for paintings and sculptures filled with over 200 works by reputed Artists. A light and sound show can be arranged for visitors, with commentaries in both English and Malayalam, the native language.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 20.4 kms

Any major festival in Kerala is incomplete without elephants as they are considered symbols of prosperity. Kodanad Elephant Training Centre is one of the largest elephant training centres in Kerala where even the baby elephants, that are found from the forest, are trained. Here they are given proper love and supreme care. It is perfect for all elephant lovers to get a close-up view.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 10.3 kms

Aluva Mahadeva Temple, also known as Manappuram Shiva Temple, is situated on the banks of the Periyar river. According to the mythology, the self-manifested Shiva Lingam was installed by Lord Parashurama, making this temple unique. This temple is also known for staging the famous Aluva Shiva Rathri festival.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 8 kms

Aluva Palace is a monumental spot that has witnessed a good percent of Kerala’s past including several significant battles. The beautiful surrounding garden with a river flowing through also deserves a visit.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 20.2 kms

Kallil temple is an ancient Jain temple atop a hillock in a 28-acre land located at Methala of Ernakulam district. The shrine of the goddess lies underneath a rock that has a length of 75 feet, a width of 45 feet and a height of 25 feet. This enormous rock is standing there without any support which makes it one of the wonders of the World.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 13.6 kms

Wonderla Amusement Park in Kakkanad is packed with fun. The countless land and water rides make for some exhilarating thrills. Head to a Ferris wheel on top of the vintage castle to get a bird-eye view of surrounding towns. Spend a joyful day with your friends and family at Wonderla.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 29.8 kms

Bolgatty palace is deserves to be marveled at and built in 1744 by Dutch, it is one of the oldest palaces in Kerala. The touch of elegance in its architecture and beautified with a garden, Bolgatty Palace gets a hefty crowd of spectators every year.


Distance from Kohinoor Resort: 24.2 kms

The Hill Palace Museum, which was built in 1865, served as the official residence of the former rulers of Kochi. At present, it is a completely-developed Archaeological Museum that contains various relics of high significance. You can also see the ancient sculptures, manuscripts, and belongings of the Kochi Royal Family. This first-ever Heritage Museum of Kerala has over 49 buildings, constructed in traditional Kerala style architecture with 52-acre terraced land surrounding it. This is a a gallery of contemporary art.

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